2021 Nat Cool Baga, Niepoort, Bairrada

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Nat Cool is naturally “cool and funky”. It represents an innovative concept initiated by Niepoort, in which various producers came together to create light and easy-to-drink wines. In the Bairrada region they have produced the DrinkMe, the first Nat Cool, where they try to showcase a different and elegant side of the Baga grape variety. An incredibly light and accessible wine which just begs to be enjoyed.

The Niepoort Nat Cool showcases the character of the Baga grape variety and Bairrada region superbly, with beautiful aromas of strawberries, dried roses and some spice. These notes are embedded in a minerality reminiscent of the vines’ calcareous soils and unmistakeable Atlantic climate. Fresh, direct and very seductive, this wine is light on its feet and so easy to drink, it will entice you to have another glass. It makes a very versatile food wine



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