2020 PX Vintage, Ximenez Spinola, Jerez

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The PX vintage from Ximenez Spinola is an unfortified sweet wine made from raisined Pedro Ximenez grapes.  Lighter than their sherry but equally delicious, with raisin, date and fig fruit characters, lovely freshness and a silky, balanced finish.

Ximenez Spinola specialise solely in producing wine from the Pedro Ximenez grape variety.  They make a range of dry, dessert and sherry styles from this most unfashionable yet distinctive variety.  This single vintage wine is made from grapes which are dried out in the sun for a minimum of 21 days following harvest.  This process concentrates the grapes and for every ton of fresh grapes harvested only 300 kg of raisined grapes are obtained for use in the wine (200kg of which is skins and stalks).  The fermentation is natural and takes place in American oak, with ageing in wood for a further 3 months, before filtration and bottling. 



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