Victoriana, Campbeltown Single Malt, Glen Scotia

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Victoriana is made from specially selected casks from the reserve cellars at Glen Scotia.  These casks are selected for their distinction and maturity and make the final blend if this exceptional cask strength whisy.

The beautiful deep colour leads on to an elegant nose with hints of oak driving the bouquet. Interesting creme brulee notes and toasty sugar lead to generous caramelised fruits and citrus peels, finishing with polished oak.

The palate is sweet and concentrated initially with some jammy blackcurrant fruitiness.  There’s a typical tightening towards the back palate, yet is full of flavour with the sweetness of sherry and the robustness of the charring effect.

The finish is clean with more of that sweetness coming through. Green bean mingled with a cocoa characteristic like dark chocolate before leading to gentle smoke courtesy of the deeply charred oak.



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