estrella galicia 0.0% alcohol free

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Gyle 59 Starstruck Porter star anise.JPG

starstruck porter, gyle 59

The Gyle Starstruck is their normal Porter, The Favourite, enhanced with a subtle addition of star anise. The result is a rich and fruity porter showing extra complexity with a gentle hint of liquorice.


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dorset ‘gipa’ ginger ipa, gyle 59

This is a Ginger IPA. The beer has a subtle infusion of root ginger giving the IPA a refreshing and spicy addition to the citrus and floral taste and aroma provided by the hops.


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Double IPA Gyle 59.JPG

double ipa, gyle 59

A beer that improves over time. A robust and fruity IPA which develops in complexity and richness with age, or simply enjoy it now!


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Brannland Claim Ice Cider.JPG

2018 ice cider claim, brannland, sweden

Brannland started in 2010 in the university town of Umea, roughly 600km's south of Stockholm.  Across the range, the quality of Brannlands Ice Ciders, made according to the Qubecois laws, is unmissable.  The claim is made from 100% Swedish apple juice (not from concentrate), and shows a wonderful balance between intense, honeyed sweet apple with aromas of honeysuckle and a touch of herbs, marrying perfectly with a more mellow edge to the fresh finish.


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