Vienna Session Lager, Gyle 59

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Vienna lager, dry hopped, cold fermented and lagered for a minimum of 12 weeks. Honey on toast!


  • region Vegan / Vegetarian


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Nettle IPA Gyle 59.JPG

Nettle IPA, Gyle 59

Inspired by the International Nettle Eating Competition held at the nearby Bottle Inn, Marshwood, Gyle decided to brew a nettle beer. The result is a refreshing IPA where citrus fruits and floral aroma and flavour combine with a hint of nettle and a long bitter finish


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Freedom Hiker, Gyle 59

Freedom Hiker is an amber ale based loosely on an 1800's recipe and brewed initially for the Tolpuddle Pilgrims, who in 2014 walked along the route taken by the Martyrs from Plymouth to Tolpuddle. As a nod towards the transportation of the Tolpuddle Martyrs to Australia a whole heap of Australian hops were included in the original recipe for additional flavour and aroma. A fruity and floral aroma is enhanced by coffee malt flavours and a long bitter finish.


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Double IPA Gyle 59.JPG

Double IPA, Gyle 59

A beer that improves over time. A robust and fruity IPA which develops in complexity and richness with age, or simply enjoy it now!


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2017 Gospel Green Rose, Methode Traditionelle

The Gospel Green Rose is an innovative 'Cyder' made from 80% dessert apples and 20% cooking apples, topped up with a dosage of Pinot Noir to give colour and complexity.  The result is a wonderfully elegant, fresh and clean sparkling cider that provides an alternative to Champagne and sparkling wines. Subtle, elegant and showing great finesse, this is a drink to sip and savour. 


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