The Glenturret Sherry Cask

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Honey, vanilla and spice come through in abundance from a combination of American and European Oak barrels all sherry conditioned.




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10 Year Old Canadian Whisky, Pike Creek


On the nose there are rich notes of barley sugar, raisins and dried fruit, with fennel seed and fresh bread. The palate isrich and spicy, with juicy fruit, cinnamon and clean, well-defined flavours. To finish there is a welcoming kick of black pepper, with the dried fruit staying strong.


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Tullibardine Sovereign.JPG

Tullibardine Soveriegn, Single Highland Malt

Single Grain

Matured in first-fill ex Bourbon casks, the Tullibardine Sovereign has a beautiful golden colour.  Floral with sweet barley notes and subtle hints of vanilla.  The finish shows fudge, pear dorps and soft spice.  Very easy drinking and silk smooth.


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Glen Scotia Victoriana.JPG

Victoriana, Campbeltown Single Malt, Glen Scotia

Single Malt

Victoriana is made from specially selected casks from the reserve cellars at Glen Scotia.  These casks are selected for their distinction and maturity and make the final blend if this exceptional cask strength whisy.


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Blended Malt

Matured in the finest Japanese Mizunara oak cask which are handmade due to Mizunara Oak's delicate wood grain. Among the rarest casks in the world and considered the best for maturing whisky. Delicate floral nose, with ripe dried fruit, hints of vanilla and spice. A silky smooth body with a long lingering honey finish.


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