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Luzada Albarino.JPG

2022 Luzada Albarino, Val Do Salnes, Rias Baixas


The Luzada Albarino is a lovely straw-yellow colour, with the nose picking up a medium-high intensity, fresh and herbaceous character, fruity, apple, pear and citrus (grapefruit, lime). On the palate it is fresh with good acidity, citrus, green apple and floral notes.


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Gran Cerdo Tinto.JPG

2020 Gran Cerdo Tempranillo, Gonzalo Grijalba


Fiercely protective of the terroir of the family vineyards Gonzalo rejects market driven fashions, formulae, chemical treatments and conformism. Instead she has sought out her own methods with respect for the land, the vineyards, and the ancestral traditions. She balances this respect with formal training in the latest enological techniques and methods.


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1918 Solera PX Ximenes Spinola.JPG

PX 1918 Solera Ximenez-Spinola, Jerez

Pedro Ximenez

This is the Grand Cru of sweet Pedro Ximénez, with dried fruit, prunes, liquorice, sweet spices, figs, Christmas cake, treacle etc. This delight in a glass was described by the great Egon Muller as the finest PX you could get and is the perfect ending to any dinner party.


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Monastrell Sierra Enmedio.JPG

2021 Sierra De Enmedio Monastrell, Bodegas Alceno, Valencia


The Sierra De Enmedio Monastrell, Bodegas Alceno is vibrant dark red in colour with hints of ripe blackberries and a little spice on the nose. This wine shows dark plummy fruit on the palate.


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